Drink and Draw, Swindon

Drink and Draw, Swindon

Drink and Draw, Swindon

Looking for something different to do in Swindon? Whether you're a keen artist, or just someone looking for something to do on a Thursday night, the Drink and Draw event is the perfect solution. Come down to our next event and see what we're all about!

The Swindon Drink and Draw event was founded by a group of mates, Jamie, Callum, Tom and Sam, for their love of Craft Beer and Art.

Now over 30 members strong, Drink and Draw is an event hosted every Thursday, 7pm at the Diana Doors Corner in the Savoy. Where you'll find a host of talented and creative drink enthusiasts brimming with ideas, inspiration and humor.

Come Join our free event, or even support the project here. The event is open for everyone and is a great way to make friends and meet like minded people.

We would love to see more of these projects and happy to give you an insight on how to run your own. Feel free to message me :)

At Drink and Draw we encourage members to get the most out of the event by, working out ideas with friends, using our free supplies, equipment and playing a few drawing games.  

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