Hybrid Arts - R2R

Hybrid Arts - R2R

Hybrid Arts - R2R

Hybrid arts combine the use of analogue and digital workflows. This was done in two ways, firstly by integrating the two forms of art into one process and secondly, by adding a digital step to a process traditionally executed manually. This not only caters for the wishes of contemporary audiences, who like their information in its most consumable form but also bridges the gap between art and graphic design .

Once again from the turn of the century art has evolved into a new contemporary age of execution and process. Backed by the pervious leap and challenges of art in the 20th century, artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith haring, Basequette, Clemente and Kandinsky paved the way in which we consume art information today. retaining data is now so rapid and two dimensional. Creations have now taken a level of skill in a more simplictice and to the point approach works that reflect those characteristics.

Creators today now have a vast share of tools at hand to achieve these needs in the form of digital arts. However, while digital illustration is a great solution to solving the need to create rapid art, the general public see this form of work lesser to pieces created by traditional/physical means.

Physical creations seem to instil the idea that anything created with the use of tangible tools, be it paint, graphite, ink, wool or even mud is unique and much more valuable to a digitised version.

This my be boiled down to a few things; imitation, replication and over exportation.

Digital art tools, especially for painting and drawing are purely imitating real world based tools. Yet in irony real world based tools are communicating and imitating reality itself. Digital art is just another tool mimiing that in another space, world or dimension for that matter.

Replicating digital art seems to be both a gift and a curse. We are able to mass produce a single piece of work and incorporate it into any space we like, as prints, on mugs, clothing, wallpapers and my digital space. Where as things such as Lino, wood block and screen printing are limited to almost one space it was originally created for.


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